International Wedding Cinematography


Each wedding is unique and we believe the same is true for each wedding film. Why settle for a basic standard video and not have a film that really reflects your own incredible wedding experience? At weddcinema, we work with you to develop together the film you envision.



Wedding Videos

Targeted to your own style and aesthetics as well as your personal financial needs, we will work together to create the best possible FILM! Our aim is to create a film that captures the essence of your special DAY.

Happiness lies in the little moments that matter most to you. weddcinemaS want to make those moments last forever. Imagine, a few years from now, sharing your wedding FILM with your family and loved ones. Imagine having a good laugh at all the backstage gags. Remember the emotions of getting ready to walk down the aisle. Relive the moment you saw the woman of your life during the ceremony. Dance once again, to the songs you loved at your wedding party and remember your best friend’s toast and your crazy uncle sending you wishes.

Baptism Videos

When you do things with passion magic happens and we certainly built this theme with loads of it.

Why Wedding Cinema

There is only one take! Why risk it? At weddcinema we offer you the best quality, the most experienced crew and the best equipment at the best pricing. Ask for a quote… you’ll be happily surprised!

A video is the best souvenir you can have, one that depicts all those beautiful emotions, and transcends all the little moments in time so you can watch them again and again.

Treat yourself to this present!